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Standard Edition

USD 12/year
per computer

Hardware Lifecycle Management
justSAMit offers you detailed and up-to-date hardware inventory information and functionalities as well as customisable reports to help you track and manage your PCs and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle.

Comprehensive Software Asset Management
Save all your purchases, agreement information and vendor profile in one place and discover what you have in your organisation. With our solution, you will also be able to generate the authorisation report instantly and stay alert of unauthorised installation.

Software Reconciliation
Monitor your Licence Compliancy Level and know how many copies of software available to avoid over spending and governance.

Risk Management
Reports of machine or software changes can be generated or you can configure to be notified. With all kinds of information available to you, you will always be on top of your environment and able to reduce and manage risk more effectively.

Other Assets
You can track all your other assets in justSAMit. You can enter unlimited assets or as many types of assets you want. Everything can be managed in one place!

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